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Автор: Мельникова Ирина Александровна

- to build students’ cultural knowledge of London
- to extend vocabulary;
- to develop students’ reading skills;
- to develop students’ listening skills;
- to develop students’ speaking skills;
- to develop students’  research skills
Materials: London’s Forum opinions , pictures of London’s famous attractions and people; worksheets  for reading and listening comprehension, materials for doing a project work, tea cans, presentation  “Welcome to London”, F. Sinatra’s song “London by night”, video “10 top attractions”, “Shopping is Great”.

Этап урока

Деятельность учителя

Деятельность учащихся




















Once a famous Russian actress T.Doronina asked “Do you love theatre as much as I do?”  After my two visits to London I fell in love with this city so that I would like to paraphrase Doronina  and askif you love London as much as I do. Today I want to share my love to this fascinating city with you. Of course we have limited time, but it is not little.

Let’s look at London’s Forum. Here is a question about what people can do in this city for a short stay there. Look through the answers and say what people go to London for.

And this will be just what we are going to do at our lesson today. (ПРИЛОЖЕНИЕ 1)

T.:  So, people go to London……








T.:  At our today’s limited tour we’ll try to do all these things: we’ll learn more, see the best, hear the sweetest, treat ourselves to the tastiest.    

As it is sung in one English song:

It’s too warm  here to even hold hands,
but that won’t stop us from making plans.
Close our eyes,
breathe out slowly. 
Today London loves us only.













Появляется слайд- вопрос

Студенты получают на руки разрезанные листы  обсуждений со страниц Лондонского форума, читают их и делают выводы.


St.:: - to get some information( to learn smth.), – to see sights, - to have a rest ( to relax), - to try British food and tea, -to go shopping, - just to walk along the streets(

появляется слайд  “The objectives of our tour”)









появляется слайд “WELCOME TO LONDON”, картинка Лондон.)


























































sorting out





















Pre- watching






while- watching








after watching

T.: Every tour starts with meeting a tour guide and a lot of questions have been asked to him/her during transfer. I asked Tanya to read a book “ Welcome to Britain” to become an expert of London and give you some advice.



I’ll give you a minute to think over your own question or two and Tanya will try to answer it.





T.: You’ve got some necessary and important information for tourists to feel safer in London. Nevertheless when they always come to London they want to see its main places of interest first of all. Earlier we spoke about them. Now it’s time to see how well you remember

  T.: There are some places of interest and some very famous British people on your backs. Ask questions and answer your group-mates’ ones to find some facts and guess WHAT or WHO is on the picture.















T.: Who do you associate these sightseeing with? Match the place and the person. (Find your partner. Join in twos.)  Explain your choice. Stick the pictures on the blackboard.










T.:  Sort out the words, find which are connected with your pictures and stick them in the appropriate place. Present your arguments why this or that card is here.

( в целях экономии времени можно спросить не обо всех выбранных словах, а выборочно или если есть ошибки.)













T.: Now look at all of them say which of these places of interest can be included into TOP 10 attractions. Which can you add? Make your own list.


T.: Now watch the video (ПРИЛОЖЕНИЕ 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKNBIitoXMQ)     and say if you were right or wrong. But this video has a mistake, though it has been taken from the British site. Be attentive to find it, it is in the names of the attractions.

T.: Where was a mistake? Who was the most attentive? (ошибка- вместо  Tower Bridge-  London Bridge)



Студентка с индивидуальным домашним заданием даёт советы приезжающим в Лондон “It’s essential to know………”




студенты задают встречающему  «гиду»  вопросы, обычно задаваемые при трансфере: погода, транспорт, обмен валюты, посещение пабов и т.д.










На спины студентов прикрепляются фото с основными достопримечательностями и известными личностями. Они работают в парах, задают друг другу вопросы, чтобы отгадать, что за спиной:

St.:   ( A) - Is it a building/a monument/ a museum?

-Where is it situated?

-What is it famous for?

-Is it Trafalgar Square?

- Yes. It is.

(B) - Is it a man/a woman?

- Is she/he alive/ dead?

-When did s/he live?

- What is(was) her/ his occupation?

- Is he a Speaker?

 - Yes. He is.

 Как только студент получает утвердительный ответ на свой «последний» вопрос, т.е. он догадывается, картинка вывешивается на доску.

Фото отгаданных знаменитостей, связанных с этими достопримечательностями, прикрепляются  под картинками. Студенты объясняют свой выбор.




Образованные  таким образом новые пары (например ,TheTowerOfLondonWilliamtheConqueror) выбирают из большого количества предложенных учителем, но только им  подходящие слова и аргументировано доказывают свой выбор, прикрепляя их к уже имеющейся на доске паре картинок.

Т.о., среди многих слов, к данной паре, могут быть найдены следующие:

prison, ravens, Beefeater, the Crown Jewels, the ceremony of keys, the Traitors’ Gate,1066, EIIR.




Студенты отвечают на вопрос и составляют собственный список из 10 лучших достопримечательностей Лондона


Студенты смотрят видео, сравнивают свои списки 10 лучших с признанными в Британии






 Обсуждают, что у них совпало с видео и находят ошибку!!!!!

III.Developing students’ listening skills.


pre- watching




while- watching





after watching



T.: While in London we are not to forget to buy something for ourselves, our relatives and friends. Many people in the world visit London only for one purpose- to do the shopping, because there are many world famous shops in it. Richard, an expert of London shopping areas will show us all worth visiting shops.


T.: Watch the video and find the names of these popular shops. (ПРИЛОЖЕНИЕ  3(А,В)  Shopping is Great. Part I)


T.: But have you noticed that there are 2 empty cells in the table you should fill in.  Richard entered one more famous shop and bought something there but said nothing about it. ( стоп кадр из видео: на  1 мин.35 сек) This is his packet. (показываю  фирменный пакет, в котором находятся  банки из под чая) Soon we’ll know what is there.  And this is the shop. Let’s drop in this beautiful place.                        (ПРИЛОЖЕНИЕ 4 : презентация «Фортнум и Мэйсон» и рассказ о самом магазине.)


T.: Now, I think you have guessed, what is there. Right. These are TEA-CANs.

Examine different blends and say which would you prefer to buy and bring from Great Britain as a present. Why have you chosen it?













Студенты смотрят видеофрагмент и выполняют “Listening Comprehension Task”


Затем проверяют.






Появляется кадр «Фортнум и Мэйсон»



Студенты слушают рассказ учителя о магазине, сопровождающийся презентацией, и заполняют таблицу до конца.



Из фирменного пакета магазина «Фортнум и Мэйсон» достаются баночки с чаем. Студенты бегло изучают их,  делают свой выбор и аргументируют его.

S.: I would prefer to buy “Wedding breakfast” because….. (it was specially created for William and Kate’s wedding party )


IV. Developing students’ reading  and speaking skills







Jig-saw reading















T.: Now I see you are a bit tired of sightseeing and shopping  and offer to relax. You don’t have to spend money to relax in London- there are a lot of elegant parks to all tastes.

Let’s see what park you’ve got a chance to have a rest in… Please find your partner(s) and  the Park





Read the text, mark the key sentences and fill in the table

(ПРИЛОЖЕНИЕ 5) You have 8-10 min. Now exchange the information you’ve got. Then add the missing information to what you have.









T.: Now make a poster or a travel brochure to advertise your park. Use the information you’ve got. I prepared some materials to make your brochures nicer. (photos, plans, signs, addresses, emblems, etc.)

Present your park.







T.: What park would you like to visit? Why?








Студенты делятся на микро группы путем нахождения партнеров по цвету карточки, на оборотной стороне которой написаны одна или несколько букв, например  H-YD-E( RE-GE-NT’S, ST-JAM-ES’S) 

Внутри подгруппы студенты  получают тексты разного объема и сложности, которые имеют и сходную информацию и дополняют один другой. Выделяют маркерами ключевые предложения.

Прочитав их,  обмениваются информацией, чтобы получить «общую картину парка». Для этого они заполняют специальную форму.



Микро группы студентов изготавливают  рекламные буклеты с помощью дополнительных материалов, приготовленных учителем.


Каждая группа рекламирует парк,  показывая свой рекламный проспект,  остальные студенты заполняют таблицы о других королевских парках.


Студенты отвечают на вопрос, в каком парке им хотелось бы побывать и почему.



T.: While we were busy the sun has set down. Unfortunately our virtual day in London is coming to its end. And we have the last thing to do: to enjoy London by night and F. Sinatra’s song about it.


Listen and find the words which can characterize London in this part of the day.

(wonderful sight, magic abroad in the air, the streets turn into gold, romance, lights that sparkle like gems, stands an angel to keep her watch)

T.: How did you find London by night?





Студенты смотрят видеоряд «Ночной Лондон» под одноименную  песню Ф.Синатры.

Находят слова и выражения, характеризующие город в это время суток.

Добавляют свои собственные впечатления о Лондоне.




T.:  Do you remember the top 10 attractions? What was number 1?

T.: Would you like to lift to its top?

T. Then rank  my statements from 1 to 5 and circle this number of the capsule.

-Our tour was interesting

-  ……                     useful

-   ………                 easy                         

-  I was active.

-  I ‘m satisfied with my work

- I feel well after the tour

-I like London.

And now show your London Eye. Almost all of you are in the highest cabins.

 You have a good opportunity to look at London one more time.  What have you seen in London / places do you recognize?

Where else would you like to be in London? What else would you like to learn about?( museums, pubs, bridges, royal places, ceremonies, traditions etc.)

S.: London Eye.


St. Yes.



На схематичном Лондонском колесе обозрения студенты выставляют оценки за свою работу на уроке, его содержание и своё эмоциональное состояние. Учитель выставляет оценки им.







Далее вспоминают, что в Лондоне они узнали и где побывали. Что ещё хотели бы узнать и в каких местах побывать.



Write your own opinion of London you have seen at today’s lesson on London’s forum.

Think of a bus-tour in London. What route would you choose.

See you next time on Waterloo Bridge.



Дома студенты должные написать на Лондонский форум своё отношение к этому городу и продумать маршрут экскурсии по Лондону на двухэтажном автобусе.

Приложение 1:( вопрос с форума и ответы на него)
London forums
Tiffany C
New Orleans...
Opinions? Opinions! Limited time in London
Jun 11, 2014, 9:27 PM
We'll be in London for two days....technically.
We're coming in on Wednesday 7/30 and leaving Monday 8/4, but we'll be at the Emirates Cup on 8/2-8/3, with an early flight out on Monday. That leaves Wed-Fri to see London. Based out of Canary Wharf, what would you do if you only had approx. 2.5 days?
I know it's a tall order- I just need logistically sound advice- even if it's just particular parts of the city I should hit.
Re: Opinions? Opinions! Limited time in London
Stanley, Falkland...
Jun 11, 2014, 9:40 PM
Wander round. Relax. Enjoy. Life isnt a tick list.
Jun 12, 2014, 4:11 AM
The Westminster/Trafalgar Square walk is my number one choice; number 2 is to walk over the Millennium Bridge towards St. Paul's - if a weekday, very early in the morning, to avoid my beautiful photos being cluttered up with tourists lol. Similarly, wandering the City (financial district), gawping at the fantastic modern architecture.
Lanzarote, Spain
Jun 12, 2014, 5:21 AM
there's thousands of things to do in london but what i choose may not appeal to you! Best to get a guide book or check numerous london tourist websites and see what you'd like to fit in. post back your itinernary and people can advise if do able and better ways to do it.
David J
Jun 12, 2014, 6:07 AM
Aussiegirl in answer 3 beat me to it. I think that's all really good advice. If you want to add on some nice shopping then head for Liberty's Tudor style building just off Regent St and then the little lanes behind it.
Приложение 2:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKNBIitoXMQ) 10 Top Attractions
Приложение 3:  А) http://www.learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/ru Shopping is Great. Part I   ВListening Comprehensive Tasks:
What order did Richard look at the following products?
1)Shoes,  2) teddy bear 3)chocolate,  4)cheese
Match the shopping areas with their specialties.

1)                Harrods


2)                Harvey Nichols

b)               toys

3)                Hamleys

c)                designer fashion and other goods

4)                Oxford Street

d)               2 km. of different shops


e)luxury department store with a famous food hall

Приложение 4: Презентация « Фортнум и Мэйсон»
Приложение 5: Тексты о Лондонских королевских парках. ( примеры разноуровневых текстов)
http://www.mydestination.com/london/royal-london/310991/royal-parks, http://www.londontown.com/London/London's_Top_Parks)
Regents Park & Primrose Hill
  • Location:Marylebone
  • Type:Royal Parks
  • Tel:+44 (0)300 061 2300
    I. In terms of tourists Regents Park is probably the least visited of the three royal parks in the centre of London, but it has much to offer.
The park is open from 5am all year round. Closing times vary depending on the season.
At the southern end of Regents Park the park has plenty of formal gardens, the lake and ornamental gardens. As you walk further north the park opens up into playing fields. On a Sunday here it will be full of soccer matches and have the feel of a local park for locals, rather than visitors.
Many years ago the Royal Botanic Society laid out the Inner Circle at the heart of the park with lawns and a lake.
Like St James's Park and Hyde Park there are many birds, Regent's Park is the centre for waterfowl breeding for The Royal Parks. Like Hyde Park, you can hire boats on the boating lake.
In the 1930's the Royal Botanic Society laid out the formal rose beds of Queen Mary's Gardens at the southern end of the park. At about the same time, the Open Air Theatre began performances, which continue today and perform through the summer months.
Throughout Regent's Park at regular intervals are cafes with names like the “Honest Sausage” and “Cow & Coffee Bean”. All refreshments are controlled by the Royal Parks.
On the northern border of Regent's Park is the London Zoo. Opened in 1828, London Zoo is one of the largest large zoos in the world with the full range of animals and birds you would expect.
On the northern boundary also is the Regents Canal. Pleasure trips go along here and there are nice walks along the tow paths.
North of the Zoo and Regents Park the ground rises up to Primrose Hill.
Its not a steep hill and by climbing to the top you are rewarded with one of the best, and free views of London spread out before you. It would be a great place to bring a picnic on a summer evening.
On the few occasions it snows in London the hill is one of the favourite places for tobogganing in London.
Another of London's spectacular John Nash creations, Regent's Park is a huge, thriving green expanse in the heart of the capital. Consisting of two circular areas (an Inner and Outer Circle) the park is bordered by stunning, white  terraced houses - also designed by royal architect, Nash. At one-time a hunting ground for Henry VIII was transformed by the famous architect into the beautiful garden. Now most famously associated with London Zoo - positioned over on the north-east corner of the park - an open-air theatre, ornate bandstand, large boating lake, huge sports field add to its many attractions. Dating back to the 1930s, Queen Mary's Gardens are still regularly tended, while the Rose Garden now bursts into blossom with over 30,000 flowers. Primrose Hill lies at the north of Regent's Park, merging and rising to a peak to offer fantastic views over Westminster and the City. A number of pretty eateries populate Regent's Park. This is a great place for almost every kind of outdoor pursuit. If you're visiting the zoo or theatre, make sure you schedule in a couple of hours to explore this elegant, rural area.
Of course, there is plenty of wide open green space, lakes and ponds, but it's the amount of sporting opportunities available here that make Regent's Park stand out.
Enter the park and immediately there's the boating lake where, from April - September, rowing and pedal boats are up for hire. Across the way from the lake are the tennis courts where you can turn up and play.  Right in the middle of the park is The Hub, a fully-kitted out gym with 360 views of the park, complete with changing facilities, showers and a cafe.
Another stand-out feature of the park is its zoo. London Zoo. It's world-famous for being the first scientific zoo anywhere on earth, and houses more than 600 species of animal. London Zoo makes  Regent's Park one of the most  child-friendly.
In the lower right-hand corner of the park, you'll find a selection of formal gardens including the Queen Mary Gardens which are comprised of a selection beds stuffed with roses and tulips. The entire corner of Regent's Park is licked with the scent of a thousand flowers.
Nearest Tube: Baker Street (Bakerloo Line), Regent's Park (Bakerloo Line)
Openingtimes: 05:00 - dusk
Таблица для заполнения


Hyde Park

St. James’s Park

Green Park

Regent’s Park

Opening times

























Приложение 6: Песня Ф.Синатры  «London by night» +видеоряд
Приложение 7:  картинка «London Eye»  для проведения рефлексии.

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