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Разработка урока в 5 классе "Мы собираемся путешествовать в Лондон"

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Автор: Зорина Ирина Юрьевна

Ход урока.                       
“We are going to travel”
1). Boys and girlstoday we are going to visit a very beautiful country – the UK. The country is famous for its castles, there are a lot of museums, cinemas, beautiful parks.
The aim of our journey is to know what we can see there, how our friends in Britain live. We’ll remember what subjects they study.
- Well, let’s start our journey. The first means of transport is a bus.Let’s sing a bus song. (песня “The wheelson the Bus”) – слайд №1.
2) We are at therailway-station. But the train is late. The carriages are confusing. Let’s gather the carriages. Make up this sentence. (составляем предложение - «We like to study at schooland speak English») – слайд №2,3
3) Let’s do gym. for ourtongues, repeat the sounds and words. (Фонетическая зарядка) - слайд №4
4) Насвстретит гид и мы должны с ним познакомиться. The guide will meet us, let’sanswer some questions, please! Речевая зарядка. (Учитель выступает в роли гида).
- How are you?
- How old are you?
- Where do you live?
- Where are you from?
- What is your hobby? (What do you like to do?)
- Are you in the fifth form?
- What subjects at school do you study?
- Do you like to study?
- Have got a mother?
- Do you help your mum about the house?
- Do you wear a school uniform?
- What foreign language do you learn?
5) Чтение текста.
– We have got aletter from the Head Teacher of one of the English school, Mr. Wooding. He wants to invite us to visit his school. Let’s read it! (читаем письмо и переводим) – кто пишет, куда приглашают, когда приглашают приехать, где будете жить?)
Приложение 1
6) Imagine, we are arriving atthis school. What subjects do the students study at school? – слайд №5 (Write onthese papers, guess the crossword puzzle, please - what subjects at school do Russian pupils like?)
7) Знакомствос друзьями.
Презентации детей.
(Дети показывают свои презентации о себе, о семье, своих увлечениях.)
– Let’s introduce yourself!
8) Динамическая пауза.
9) ПогодавАнглии.
– The weather on the British Isles is verychangeable. Let’s recognize, what weather is now like? Читаю текст о погоде,  дети, прослушав его, выбирают те вещи, которые пригодятся нам в эту погоду, если бы мы отправились сейчас в Англию. Choose the things which we’ll use in such weather.
Текст: (The weatheris not bad. It is warm, but it is, foggy and windy. The sun is  shining)
вещи-полотенце, очки, зонт, бутылка с водой.- (towel, bottle of water,glasses, umbrella)
10) Диалогическая речь. Make up the dialoges!Work in pairs. Imagine that you stay with  the English families. You are going to stay with English friends on weekend. (Представьте, вы живёте ванглийских семьях и планируете провести вместе выходные. Составляют диалоги по карточкам.
Разрезаны реплики диалога на карточках, дети составляют диалог в правильной последовательности. Карточки разного цвета по уровню трудности. Затем дети инсценируют диалог)
Приложение 2.
11) Итак, мы увидим в Британии много красивых мест. В Британии многосредневековых замков. (Краткий обзор достопримечательностей, с которыми дети познакомятся подробнее на следующих уроках.) There are a lot of beautiful castles. (слайд 6, 7) 
Broddie castle (Шотландия) – was built in 1567 by Clan Broddie. The grounds at the castle are famous for their unique daffodil collection in spring. It contains fine French furniture, English, Chinese porcelain, a major collection of painting.Cardiff castle (Уэльс) was built 55 AD as Roman forts. Средневековый замок и викторианской эпохи возрожденияособняк. В замке роскошные апартаменты, сад на крыше. Tower of London- it was a tower, aprison, a zoo, now it is a museum.
Big Ben – is a clock, thesymbol of London.
Trafalgar  square is the main square of London.There is a monument to admiral Nelson.
Buckingham Palace - is the home ofEnglish Queen Elizabeth 2.
12) Тест по проверке знаний по теме урока. (Check your knowledge, circle the right answer.)
Приложение 3.
13) Подведение итогов урока.
-  Оценки за урок.
Что вам понравилось? Творческое задание на дом-сделать презентацию о себе другим ученикам. (д/з: p. 30, ex. 14.)                        
Приложение 1   
Dear Russian friends! AsHead Teacher of a Local State school in London, I would like to invite a group of up to 20 students and a teacher to us. I propose that you come for 10 days in May. Your group stays with the families of children from our school. Our school will be responsible for the educational and social programme. You will visit a lot of interesting  places in London.
There are many cinemas, museums, parks.  
Yours sincerely, Mr. Wooding.
Приложение 2                                     
- We are going to have a picnic on Saturday. Let’s go!
- All right! I’ll be responsible for the sandwiches.
- And I will be responsible for the music.
- Fine. See you on Saturday at 7 o’clock!  
- Hi! We wanted to have a party on Sunday.
- Not a bad idea! I will be responsible for the music.
- And I will be responsible for the sweets.
- The boys can arrange the tables, can’t they?
- Yes, all right!              
1. The British pupils wear…..
a) flowersb)   shirtc)    uniform                                                                                                                   

2. We will study a lot of….. at school.
a)    subjectsb)   timetablec)    party                                                                                                                 

3. My friends ….a picnic on Sunday.
a)  helpb)   arrangec)    write                      

4. I will … for the music  at the party.                                                                                                                                   a)    spend b)   likec)    be  responsible                    

5. He would like to invitea ….of students to visit us.                                                                        
d)   groupe)    formf)     programme                                                                                                                         

6. The students will …. with British families. 
a) go b) study c) stay

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