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What is the weather in ...?

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Автор: Досумова Майра Мухамеджановна

5 grade

Date: 06.02.

Theme: What is the weather  in …?

Lesson Objectives

-Students will get the information about the weather.

-Students will have a talk about the weather.

Learning Outcomes

-Students will be able to ask and answer the questions about the weather.

-Students will be able to read about the places of interest of Astana.

-Students will be able to talk  to the theme “The weather”








Lexis “What is the weather in …?” “What is the weather like today in London?

It’s sunny, 18 degrees above zero”


 Verb “to be ” (Present Simple Tense)


T. Ayapova  “English ”; MES-English.com Weather flashcards;YouTube: myvideochita



Teacher notes



Each student is going to be asked and have a train about a minute before

Activity One

Warming up.


Singing a song “Spring is green”

How many seasons are there in a year? What are they?

SWBAT answer teacher’s questions.

Activity Two


Working with the flashcards

The game “Close your eyes”


Look and listen.

weather [weᶞə] погода

sunny [sʌnɪ] солнечный

windy [wɪndɪ] ветреный

cloudy [klaʊdɪ] облачный

snowy [snəʊɪ] снежный

foggy [fɒgɪ] туманный

rainy[reini] дождливый

hot [hɒt] жаркий

cold [kəʊld] холодный

warm [wɔ:m] теплый


“Speaking, reading”



Activity Three                   



Ex.2. P.153  Look, listen and read.

It’s sunny and windy. It’s rainy, warm and cloudy. It’s sunny and hot.

Ex. 3P.153  Listen and read.

         Sun + y =sunny

         Cloud + y = cloudy

         Fog + y= foggy

         Wind + y = windy

         Rain + y = rainy

         Snow + y = snowy

Work with the textbook.



Word building

Noun + Y = adjective


Activity Four 


Speaking, listening, writing.



Ex.4.P.153 Listen and read

How is the weather?

It’s snowy/rainy/sunny/cloudy/windy.

Ex.5.P.154  Read the words and find them in the vocabulary of the text.

             Sunny, cloudy, windy, foggy, rainy, snowy, hot, warm, dry.

Ex.6.P.154 Listen to the questions and answers, then read.

Ex.7.P.154 Talk to your classmate.

What is the weather like in Astana? / London / Almaty

It’s … .

Ex.8.P.155 Talk to your classmate.


What is the weather like today in London?

It’s sunny, 18 degrees above zero.

Weather in the world today

London                  S              +18

Astana                  C              +7

Rome                   R              +10

Moscow                 Fg             +15

S=sunny, C=cloudy, R=rainy, Fg=foggy




Home assignment:

Ex. 11 P.155 SWBAT write the weather in their place using active vocabulary.


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