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Открытый урок по теме "Every weather has it's charm"

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Автор: Баширова Гульназ Рауфовна

  1. Обобщение изученного материала по теме: «Времена года и погода».
  2. Развитие навыков устной речи при помощи коммуникативного деятельностного подхода.
  3. Развитие языковой догадки, монологической и диалогической речи. Творческого мышления, перевода, умения сопоставления.
  4. Формирование навыков работы с интерактивной доской.
  5. Воспитывать умение работы в группах, развивать уважительное отношение к одноклассникам.
Ход мероприятия

Dear students and guests! I invite you to a wonderful and amazing game which is called “Everything is good in its weather” There are two team- participants in our game. Let’s greet the first team “Sunshine” and “ Rainbows” As you see today we’ll find out what we know about
“seasons and weather” Are you ready ?
- Yes, we are.
So the main rule of the game is to answer my questions correctly. The team which rings the bell the first one has the right to answer. If the answer is right the team has will have symbols of autumn But first lets tell your team- motto.
1. (слайд2) Let’s revise the names of seasons. You should guess the name of season. ( 1 слайд со всеми временами года)
1) Шапку на уши плотнее надвиньте,
Ведь холод настал с названием ....                             (WINTER)
2) Беда у всех Танюш, Марин
Веснушки. Виновата ….                                             (SPRING)
3) Нас от жары спасает панама
Оно в разгаре наше ….                                               (SUMMER)
4) Любуюсь я листьев желтых полетом,
Пора золотая зовется….                                             (AUTUMN)
II. (слайд 3)  Do you know what are winter months?
(слайд 4) Do you know what are spring months?
(слайд 5) Do you know what are summer months?
(слайд 6) Do you know what are autumn months?
  1. (слайд 7) Распределите месяцы по временам года
  2. (слайд 8) What the weather can be? ( читают хором по командам)
  3. (слайд 9) Agree or disagree    (повторить фразы)
Please use the expressions:
You are right. I agree with you. Certainly. Sure.
Nothing of the kind! You are joking! You’re mistaken. I disagree with you.
  1. (слайды 10-17) What’s the weather like today?
  2. (слайд 18) Now you should guess Tiny’s words.
  3. (слайд 19) Tiny also has got puzzles.
Now you should find out what season described in the texts.
Teacher: There are four seasons in a year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each of them lasts three months. Read short texts and guess what season described is. Start your answer with
I think it's… because…
( слайд 19-26)
1. This season comes in March and ends in May. Snow melts. It often rains in … , especially in April. People say," April showers bring May flowers." The weather is changeable. Usually it's cool. But sometimes it's  very cold. In April winds bring warm weather.
2. It's the hottest season of the year. Days are long, nights are short. Usually the sky is cloudless, the sun shines brightly. There are storms in June. The thermometer always shows the temperature above zero. The season brings fruits, vegetables and berries.
3. Then comes…. The weather is rainy and stormy. People must wear raincoats and umbrellas if they don't want to get wet. The leaves on the trees are yellow, brown and red.
4. When … comes, we spend a lot of time at home because it's snowy, frosty and windy outside. Rivers and lakes are frozen. In … the temperature is always below zero. Everything is white with snow. Children make snowmen and snowwomen, play snowballs, skate and ski.
Учащиеся читают тексты, догадываются, какое время года описано. Используются фразы выражения личного мнения. 
IX Let’s sing s song. Let’s have a rest.
( слайд 27) The task is to put the missing words.
X  Now match the names of the games (задания по компьютерной игре)
What season do you like and why?
What can we do in summer( winter)? .  
XI.  What poems about seasons do you know?
P1  It’s very cold
With snow and ice,
But we’re very happy,
Winter is nice.
P2: The sun is yellow,
The sky is blue.
Now it’s summer,
And the holidays too!
P3: Red leaves, yellow leaves,
Orange and brown,
The leaves are on the trees,
The leaves are on the ground
P4: Sing a rainbow.
Red and yellow and pink and green
Purple and orange and blue.
I can sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow, too
XI Согласитесь у каждого времени года  есть свой шарм.
Every weather has its charm…
XII  Now match the English proverbs with the Russian equivalents
(слайды: 1- задание, 2- проверка)
Now lets count how many leaves ( raindrops, mushrooms)? We can do our picture about autumn in the forest.
Приложение 3. 
Find the Russian proverb:                   
1) April weather- rain and sunshine together.        a) Куй железо, пока горячо.
2) Everything is good in its season.                            b) То дождь, то солнце.
3) March winds and April showers                              с) Ветрено в марте, в апреле
                                                                                        дожди, в мае фиалок и ландышей жди.

bring forth May flowers.                      
4) After rain comes fine weather.                            d) Все хорошо в свое время.
5) It rains cats and dogs.                                           е) После бури наступает затишье.
6) Make hay while the sun shines.                            f) Льёт как из ведра.
Now lets count how many leaves, snowflakes have you got And the final task is

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