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Тестовый материал по английскому языку

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Автор: Копьева Ольга Ивановна

Данные КИМы по английскому языку полезна не только для преподавателей, но и для учащихся  начальной и средней школ, а именно указанных классов. Они могут использоваться для самостоятельной работы учащихся, для проведения промежуточной или итоговой аттестации учащихся. В статье предложен следующий материал:
Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 3 класса
Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 4 класса
Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 5 класса
Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 6 класса
Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 8 класса
Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 3 класса
1. Какая это часть речи: существительное, глагол, прилагательное, числительное?
1. sing
2. swim
4. Ann
5. ten
2. Образуйте множественное число (если возможно) от следующих существительных. Обратите внимание, что во множественном числе артикль а НЕ употребляется.
1. a cat
2. a cake
3. a bag
4. milk
5. a name
3. Скажите, что это не так.
1. He rides a horse.
…………………………… a horse.
2. They are postmen.
…………………………… postmen.
3. They read fairy tales.
……………………………. fairy tales.
4. He can count well.
…………………………….. well.
5. He has got a lot of birds.
…………………………… many birds.
4. Составьте вопросительные предложения и дайте ответ на предложение №3.
1. What / name/ your/ is ?
2. your / is / What / surname ?
3. is / birthday/ When / your ?
4. old / How / you/ are ?
5. Where/ you/ live/ do ?
5. Образуйте притяжательный падеж.
1. cat (Jim) – кошка Джима
2. rabbit (Tim) – кролик Тима
3. fox (Tоm) – лиса Тома
4. pig (girls) – поросёнок девочек
5. pen (Bill) – ручка Билла
Контрольная работа для 4класса
Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 4 класса
1.Прочитайте текст и постарайтесь понять его содержание. Переведите предложения в конце текста. Предложения , которые соответствуют содержанию текста отметьте знаком (+), а те которые не соответствуют знаком (-)
A Bicycle
John's father likes to swim. He often goes to the swimming pool. His mother likes to play tennis. They often go to the stadium. Their son John wants to be a good sportsman. He asks his parents to give him a bicycle.
One day Father comes home and says: "I've got a present r you. Come and see."
John comes up and sees... "It's a bicycle! Thank you, Daddy!"
Every day Father and John go to the sports ground to ride a bike.
One day John says, "I can ride a bicycle very well. Let's ask Mother to go with us."
So they go to the sports ground and watch John riding bike. He rides and rides. He is happy. He says, "Look, Mum! No hands!" Then he says, "Look, Dad! No feet!"
The parents are very happy. But suddenly John cries, "Look, Mum! No teeth!"
1. John's father likes to skate.          4. His mother plays the piano very well.
2. John is seven.                            5. John's mother teaches him to play tennis.
3. He likes to play tennis 
2. Поставьте данные имена прилагательные в сравнительную и превосходную степень.
1)   tall    2) old          3) lazy       4) small             5) big                 6) good     7) happy      8) bad 
3. Употребите правильные формы глагола to be    в оборотах  There is/ There are.
1) There …some chairs in the room.                  3) There …three books and a pen here.
2) There … an apple on the plate.                      4) There … a book and three pen on the deck. 
4. Выберите правильный вариант
1) She … her friends tomorrow.
a) visits           b) will visit          c) visited
2) They … very much yesterday.
a) work           b) will work          c) worked
3) We … to the stadium every day.
a) go               b) will go               c) went
4) The children … basketball last Sunday.
a) play            b) will play            c) played
5) I … to go to the zoo next Saturday.
a) want            b) will want           c) wanted 
5. Напишите формы глаголов в Past Simple
To see
To go
To cut
To meet
To be
To play,
To read,
To cook,
To watch 
6. Найди слово с общим значением для каждой строчки: weather, seasons, months, sports, family
1._________: rainy, sunny, cold, windy, cloudy
2. _________: dad, mum, sister, grandma, grandpa
3. _________: winter, spring, summer, autumn
4. _________: October, November, May, June
5. _________: hockey, tennis, basketball, volleyball
Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 5 класса
1. Задай разделительные вопросы.
It is a lovely evening,   ….    
Your parents aren’t from Britain,…..
You will come here again,…
My students don’t need any help,….
She knows my family,….
2. Вставь пропущенные буквы в словах.
H_stor_,  sc_enc_,  t_m_ta_le,   un_fo_m,   c_ne_a,    the_tre,   st_de_t,   inf_rm_ti_n,    m_si_al,   typ_cal,   ch_ract_ris_ic,   blo_d,   c_pital,    m_se_m,     m_num_nt.
3. Соедини слова
Trafalgar                                                     Palace          
Tower                                                          London
Buckingham                                               Ben
Westminster                                               Square
The Houses of                                            Bridge
The Tower of                                              Tower
The London                                                Parliament
Big                                                              Abbey
4. Выбери правильное время .
1) My naughty sister is a good pianist. She (go /goes) to the musical school. She (play /is playing) the guitar a little.
2) Listen! What she (play/is playing)? – It’s my favourite song.
3) John! What are you doing? – I (write/am writing) a letter to my English pen friend.
4) Why you (cry/ are crying)? – I can’t do my Maths homework. It’s very difficult.
5) I (like/ am liking) to take pictures of my family.
5. Раскрой скобки.
1) John (to play) football at the moment.
2) We often (to write) tests at our school.
3) I (to talk) to my teacher now.
4) Look! Mandy and Susan (to watch) a film on TV.
5) Olivia (to visit) her uncle every weekend.
6) Now the sun (to shine) .
7) They sometimes (to read) poems in the lessons.
8) Listen! The band (to test) the new guitar.
9) First I (to wash) , then I dress.
10) Every morning my mother (to get) up at 6 o'clock.
Контрольная работа по английскому языку для 6 класса.
1. Расставьсловавалфавитномпорядке
1. Yesterday, you, a sandwich, make, did?
2. Like, does, mother, your, to eat, pies?
3. Your, husband, her, is, elder, aunt, than?
4. From, sausage, what, made, is?
5. Now, you, clearing, are, the table?
2. Put the verbs into the correct form, use Present Perfect and translate the sentences.
1. I … just …. (to do) my homework.
2. We …. Already ( to visit) our grandmother.
3. He … (not watch) this film yet.
4. Kate … never … (to be) to Africa.
5. My aunt … ….. (to wash up ) all the dishes .
3. Write down the sentences and open the brackets using Past Indefinite or Present Perfect.
1. When you (to play) football with your friends?
2. Jack (to have) breakfast two hours ago.
3. They already (read) two poems.
4. We (to watch) the animals in the Zoo.
5. You ever (to be) to London? Yes, I have.
6. She just (to see) her teacher.
4 *. Put the suitable word in the gap:
1. She has a beautiful ... in Pushkin Street, (house, home)
2. Their grandfather is ... than their grandmother, (older, elder)
3. Her mother is her father's .... (wife, husband)
4. My friend is three years ... than me. (older, elder)
5. When do you usually come ... ? (house, home)
6. Butter is made ... milk, (from, in)
7. Have you ... been to America? (ever, already)
Контрольная работа по английскому языку  для 8 класса
1. Обведите кружком букву, соответствующую правильному варианту ответа:
А:What is the weather like in St. Petersburg now?
B: ___________cloudy and sunny, the temperature is + 7 degrees C.
a: there is 
b: there was 
c: it is 
d: this was 
2. В каком времени употребляется глагол в предложении? Соотнеси написанное в столбцах 1 и 2.. В столбце 2 есть одно лишнее утверждение, которое не нужно использовать.
1. A few centuries ago people didn’t travel in space.
2. It’s raining heavily now.
3. Tomorrow at this time they’ll be broadcasting this programme again.
4. He had finished his essay by 7 p. m. yesterday.
5. Nobody will read this book.
6. She was cleaning the park with other volunteers all day long.
7. Tornadoes usually occur in the spring.
1. Past Perfect
2. Present Simple
3. Past Simple
4. Future Continuous
5. Future Simple
6. Present Continuous
7. Past Continuous
8. Present Perfect 
3. Заполнитепропуски, поставивглаголывправильнойформе, используя Present, Past , Future Simple:
Many years ago different natural disasters 1)___________(happen) on our planet. People 2)_______(suffer) from hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts and volcano eruptions which 3)_______(destroy) cities, 4)_________(carry) away houses and even farm animals. People 5)_________(lose) their homes. Many of them 6)_______(die) during terrible earthquakes and hurricanes.
   Nowadays scientists 7 )_______(try) to predict these catastrophes. Emergency workers together with the police and the army 8) ________(help) people in difficult situations.
   Hopefully in the future researchers 9)_______(learn) more about nature and 10)________(invent) new machines and devices which 11)__________(help) to predict all possible dangers. People 12)_______(have) a better chance to protect themselves. 
4. Впишитевпропускиглаголывправильнойформе, используя Past Simple, Past Perfect, Past Continuous:
For Steve that morning was the same as before. He 1) _______ (get up), 2)_______(brush) his teeth, 3) ______ (have) breakfast and 4) _____ (go) to school. While he 5) _________ (walk) along the street he 6) _________ (remember) the quarrel they 7) ________ (have) the day before. His mother was right. He 8) _______(never help) her with the housework or shopping. She 9) _______ (have to) work and look after his younger brother Ben. By the time Ben 10) ________ (be born) his parents 11) _______ (divorce).
“This day will be different”, he 12) _______ (think). Before he 13) _____ (take) Ben from the kindergarten he 14) _________ (wash up) and 15) ________ (take out) the rubbish. He 16) _______ (want) to help his mother because he 17) ________ (never do) that before. By 7 o’clock he 18) _______ (finish) his biology project and 19) _______ (get down) to the essay their English teacher 20) _________ (give) them a week before. 
When his mother 21) ______ (come) in he 22) ________(cook) dinner for the family and Ben 23) _____(play) with his favourite toy car. “Now I’ve got a man to rely on”, she 23) _____(say) and 24) ______(smile).
5. Закончите предложения, поставив глаголы в скобках в правильной форме. Используйтеусловныепредложения II,III исмешанноготипа:
1. If I _____ (be) bullied, I would tell my parents about it. 
2. I _____ (give) you this book yesterday if I had finished my literature essay.
3. If you ____ (be) braver, you could become a war correspondent. 
4. If she ______ (phone) me yesterday, I would meet her at the airport this morning. 
5. If people______ (not invent) books, a lot of knowledge from the past would have disappeared. 
6. If people ______ (can) predict natural disasters, there wouldn’t be so many victims. 
7. The Dead Sea _____ (not dry out) if people hadn’t used the water for getting necessary minerals. 
8. If you ______ (follow) the school rules, you wouldn’t have been expelled.

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