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Викторина по английскому языку

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Автор: Ярмушева Мария Владимировна

Оборудование: игровое поле”крестики нолики” , карточки с кроссвордами, карточки для игры “Переводчик”; карточки с заданиями для конкурса капитанов.
Организационныймомент: Good afternoon boys and girls. Today we have an interesting competition. We will play the game ”Crosses and Zeroes”
Please divide into two groups and choose the captains. 
- Now we have two groups. Look at the blackboard, here you can see the cards.         
On this cards you will find the task to do. The team which will do the task better will receive Cross or Zero 
- Are you ready to start the game? One team is called “Crosses”
And another “Zeroes”
1. Crossword.(Кроссворд)
each team will receive a crossword, after you’ll fill the empty spaces you should find a key word by the first letters.
1. дом
2. старый
3. урок
4. мороженое
5. собака
6. яблоко
7. желтый
8. школа



















































2) Chain (Цепь): Youaregivenaword (crosses-school, zeroes-lesson) (вам дается исходное слово, например, School, которое является началом” цепочки’ слов, где последняя буква предыдущего слова является буквой последующего.
Пример: School-letter-red-dog-good-dinner-rose-egg-grey-yellow-window-we-eat… 
3 Translator
- You’ll get cards  with the sentences and word combinations and your task is to translate them from English into Russian:
Physical education
How many lessons have you got on Monday?
Handicraft is my favourite subject. 
Exercise book
On holidays I usually read books.
On Sunday I usually watch TV.
I usually watch TV in the morning.
I always wear a uniform.
Art is my favourite subject.
4. Poems
Dear pupils, I hope that during  the time you have been learning English you have learnt some poems. Now I would like to know which team know more poems. (Команды по очереди рассказывают стишки)
My toy
I’ve got a little bear,
My old toy-friend,
He sits on my chair,
And sleeps in my bed.
I see pink, I see brown,
I stand up ,I sit down,
I see red, I see blue,
I see you and you and you.
Where do you fly,
So quickly and high,
So quickly and high,
In the blue,blue sky.
I’ve got a dog,
His name is Jack.
His head is white,
His nose is black.
I love my cat
It’s warm and fat.
My cat is grey,
It likes to play.
The cow eats grass,
And the grass is green.
But the milk  of the cow is white.
If the grass were white,
Would the milk be green?-
I  must ask my dad tonight.
5.Exercise (Зарядка)
Two pupils from two tea ms come up to the black board (участники из двух команд выходят к доске и выполняют команды учителя не глядя друг на друга)
-Hands up
-Hands down
-Hands on your shoulders
-Sit down
-Stand straight
6.Words (Слова)
Divide the words into two columns: Sport  Subject (участники делят слова на две группы-Спорт и Школьный предмет)
Words: art, physical education, football, maths, basketball, handicraft, tennis, swimming, history, geography, volleyball, hockey, English.
7.Captains (Конкурс капитанов)
(Капитаны получают карточки с заданиями. Вставить пропущенные буквы)
H…lidays , sc…oo… , s…mm…r , w…nt…r , cl…ss , h…nd…craft , t…ach…r , p…pi… .
-While our captains are going to answer , you should listen to my riddles (пока капитаны готовятся отвечать, отгадайте загадки)
Riddles about seasons:
1. This is the season when fruit is sweet
This is a season,
When school friends meet. (Autumn)
2. This is a season
When children ski,
And grandfather frost
Brings the New year tree. (Winter)
3. This is a season
When nights are short
And children have plenty
Fun and Sport. (summer)
8. Подведение итогов. Oпределение победителя.
- Our competition is over. Thank you for attention. Goodbye.

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