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Упражнения на условные предложения

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Автор: Бородина Татьяна Михайловна

Conditional Sentences 1

Conditional Sentences 2

1. If he comes early , we will go to the park.

2. They will watch the film if she brings the cassette.

3. If the pupils do not make noise, the teacher will show them a funny cartoon.

4. Ann will be very glad if her friend gives her flowers.

5. If  you do not  have a bath, you will save water.

1. If she tries hard, she will pass her exam.

2. The students will go on a day trip if their teacher agrees .

3. If Tom does not miss the train, we will see him.

4. Sam will worry if she is late.

5. If people do not throw things, our planet  will be cleaner.

If Subject Present Simple, Subject Future Simple.                  
Subject Future Simple if Subject Present Simple.
1. If the film (be), we (go) and watch it.
2. The students (write) the test if they (have) time.
3. If you (not to see) me, I (call) you a bit later.
4. The weather (be) fine if it (not to rain).
5. If Jane (explain) me a rule, I (understand) the theme.
6. Children (go) to the cinema if they (be) good.
7. If you (not to clean) the room, your mother (be) angry.
8. The park (be) fine if there (be) a fountain.
9. I (not to miss) the train if you (drive) me.

Conditional Sentences 1

Conditional Sentences 2

1. If she (learn) the text, she (be) ready for the lesson.

2. The students (go) to the mountains if their parents (agree) .

3. If Nick  (not to help) me, I (be) very upset.

4. Den (worry) if she (be) ill.

5. If people (not to have) a shower, they (save) water.

1. My mother (not to come)  if she (be) busy.

2. If I (be) famous, I (travel) around the world.

3. Pupils (not to have) lessons if they (prepare) the report.

4. If my cat (not to eat) fish I (give) it some meat.

5. He (go) to the cinema, if the film (be) interesting.


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