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Методическая разработка урока

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Автор: Иванова Эмира Михайловна

Цели и задачи урока:
Учебный аспект:
  • Активизировать лексику по теме «История моей семьи
  • Совершенствовать навыки устной речи по теме «Семья»
  • Развивать навыки спонтанной диалогической речи по теме «Семья
Развивающий аспект:
  • Развивать коммуникативные навыки, культуру выступлений
  • Развитие критического мышления
Воспитательный аспект:
  • Формировать уважительное отношение к родителям, семейным ценностям
  • Учить конструктивно разрешать конфликтные ситуации
Форма проведения: урок- дискуссия
Ход урока
1. Орг. момент
Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls. Glad to meet you here.
2.  Речевая разминка
Teacher: How are you today?
 Turn to your shoulder partner and greet him. And now your face partners, please.
- Thank  you! Be active and try to do your best today!
Teacher: Well, today we have been talking and discussing about our families, our problems, what makes a family happy and family disagreements.
Firstly, we use Take off-touch down. Listen to me, please. If my sentence is about you, you should stand up.
- I’m the only child in my family.
- I often argue with my parents.
- We are twins.
- I enjoy spending free time with my brother.
- I look like my father.
- I cope with my problems myself
3 Sharing ideas (совершенствование навыков устной речи учащихся по теме «Семья»)
I want you to discuss some questions, using Timed- Pair-Share. It means everybody will have time to express your point of views.
(Учащиеся передвигаются под музыку. Как только музыка прекращается, учащиеся подняв руку находят себе пару).
What makes a family happy? (3cек думают) Who are you meeting at 6  o’clock? Who is taller answer, please.
And now I would like my friends to answer some questions.
What kind of family do you live in?
Have you ever thought about your own family?
What kind of family would you like to live in? Why?
It’s good to have a family round you, isn’t it?
What is your family for you?   Corners ( Extended Family, Nuclear Family)
And then the leader of your group will make a conclusion and express your group’s opinion.
I would like to  say that almost all families – happy and unhappy, extended , nuclearhave the same problems. What reasons do you think course conflicts between parents and teenagers? Discuss this question, using Continuous-Round-Robin. You have 30 sec.
St1: Teenagers have problems with their parents who don’t understand their needs, meaning they always want to be free.
St2: In my opinion parents always embarrass their teenagers and make their friends awkward, when they tell their children “You are not allowed to hang about with them anymore”
St3: Some parents think we are too lazy. They say we can’t live without them.
St4: In my family we don’t argue to much but sometimes my mum is angry with my appearance and music I listen to.
St5: They don’t like my friends and is the main reason we have arguments on
Teacher: Yes. You are right. One of the main problems is “Parents should choose their teenagers friends” What is your opinion about this problem?
Debating “Parents should choose their teenagers friends” Continuous- Round Robin
St1:I n my opinion parents have the right to choose friends for us because they have much life experience.
St2: And what do you think about that teenagers should choose their friends themselves because it is the only way to learn how to do it properly
St3: I agree with Aleksey because parents can hardly choose a god friend for their teens.
St4: I feel strongly against the idea teens should choose their friends themselves because they can get into a bad company
St5: I am positively that parents know better how to choose friends. They can feel our problems and help us to solve them
St6: And to my mind teens and parents should talk about choosing their friends and come to a compromise.
St7: It’s a good idea to discuss choosing friends with parents because I think they can give us a good advice.
So as I can see all of you have their own opinion about choosing friends. Now I want you help our friend Mark  and his parents to solve their problem.
So dear students this is apple of discord. Your task is to help Browns to solve their problem. What can you advise them to do?  Write your tips on your lists and then tell them each other. Think-Write- Round Robin
Making advice
S1: I think Mark should avoid seeing John because he is lazy and irresponsible.
S1: I think Mark should avoid seeing John because he is lazy and irresponsible.
S2: I agree that John isn’t a good friend because he stirs Mark to study and involves him drinking alcohol. But parents should give Mark time to improve his behavior.
S3: I think Mark should talk with John and ask about his future. What is his meaning of the life? It will clear the situation for Mark.
S4: I agree with Mr. Brown they should find a compromise. I am sure parents have more experience.
S5: Lets give Mark two or three weeks to change the situation. Ask him to stay at home and to think about his behavior and his friends. Sometimes it helps to collect thoughts and to make a right decision.
Follow the leader( танцуютподмузыку)
ex86 Listen to the talk show and follow the text!
1.father, M.Brown
2. Brown, sister|daughter
3 mother, A.Brown
4 Mark Brown, brother| son
Connect-Extend-Challenge упр 78,80, 84
4.Homework p 78 ex 91
Заключительное слово учителя:
No matter how much you argue your family never let you down. They will always stay with you. No matter what happens in the world there are at least 3,4,5 persons who you can rely on.
Try to avoid conflicts as far as you could but if you get into a conflict try to be the first to pronounce:
I am terribly sorry
I beg your pardon
It is my fault
I am so blame for it all
Forgive me
I am really sorry
And you will hear in response:
No harm done
Never mind
It doesn’t matter
That’s OK.

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