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Правила чтения английского языка: таблицы и практикум

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Автор: Гончарова Алина Алексеевна

Чтение гласных букв
Таблица 1

название буквы

В конце слова



гласная + r

гласная +re
(+ согласная)





А а [ ei ]

[ ei ] take

[ æ ] cat

[ a: ] car

[ εə ] care

O o [ əu ]

[ əu ] rose

[ ɔ ] dog

[ ɔ: ] for

[ ɔ: ] more

U u [ ju: ]

[ ju: ] use

[ Λ ] cup

[ ə: ] fur

[ uə ] sure

E e [ i: ]

[ i: ] me

[ e ] pet

[ ə: ] her

[ iə ] here

I i / Y y [ ai / wai ]

[ ai ] bike
[ ai ] fly

[ i ] pig
[ i ] system

[ ɜː ] sir

[ aiə ] tyre

Важное правило №1: e на конце не читается!
 Упражнение 1. Назовите, к какому случаю относится каждая группа слов. Прочитайте в соответствии с правилами.
 a) Wire, tired, desire, retire, fire, admire, satire, firefly, tyrant.
b) Sale, plate, name, take, table, make, gate, tale, save, ace, cake, face, case.
b) Long, hot, dog, clock, frog, box, boy, drop, top, toy, post, lost, lock, stock.
d) Burn, hurt, church, fur, nurse, turtle, turn, purple, curly, murder.
e) Me, he, we, be, evil, even, meter, scenic.
f) Open, go, nose, stone, phone, hole, joke, home, broken, smoke, sofa.
g) Set, bed, red, best, net, end, well, pen, send, help, tell, ten, bet, press.
h) More, before, core, adore, ignore, restore, forecast, pore.
i) Pure, sure, cure, mure, secure, assure, azure.
g) Ice, five, time, fine, drive, price, wife, pie, spider, die, smile, fly, sky, dry.
k) Boring, resort, horse, corpse, lord, horn, north, fortress.
l) Sun, bus, hush, pub, funny, hunter, justice, jump, cut, lush, cup, gun, button.
m) Here, sphere, mere, sere.
n) Art, dark, far, car, card, dart, target, part, garden, jar, park, shark.
o) Use, blue, music, tulip, muse, duke, huge, human, unity, tube.
p) Girl, sir, first, circle, bird, dirty, myrtle, fir, gird.
q) Care, share, dare, prepare, square, rare, bare, scared, tare, hare, pare.
r) Lips, win, myth, sing, sit, illness, fitness, still, bring, nymph, mint, ring, think, link.
s) Flat, map, hat, mad, stand, apple, hand, bad, sadness, rat, man, happy, land, panda.
t) Serve, deserve, person, interpreter, mercy, perfect, perhaps, per cent
Таблица 2
Чтение гласных буквоcочетаний


[ u ]

look, book, cook, good, foot , moon, soon. food

[ u: ]

pool, school, Zoo, too, room, cool


[ i: ]

see, bee, tree, three, meet, feet, seek


[ i: ]

tea, meat, eat, read, speak, clean, please, reason, beach, leaf

[ e ]

bread, head, breakfast, healthy, ready

[ ei ]

break, great, steak, weak


[ ei ]

away, play, say, may ,today, stay, May, pay, gay


grey, they (money – исключение!)



[ jʋ: ]

neutral, new, crew, dew


[ i: ]

piece, field, niece


[ i: ]



[ o: ]

autumn, auto, author


[ aʊ ]

out, shout, cloud, proud, house, mouse


[ ɔː ]

awn, dawn, tawny, raw, paw


[ aʊə ]

power, shower, rowing, cow

Упражнение 2. Прочитайте фразы, опираясь на изученные правила чтения гласных и сочетаний гласных
 a) I have a book. b) Let’s have a break. c) We must lock the door, if we leave.
d) She is ready to pay much money for good perfume. e) He got up on to the roof.
g) You can see a firefly in the darkness. h) Have you already had a breakfast?
i) I ate the cake and drank coffee.  j) The sky is grey in autumn.
k) Take a screenshot of your desktop. l) The girl is painting a tree.
m) The proof they have is not a lot. n) She never eats meat.
 o) I want to be awakened. p) She has cool black car.
q) He has no idea what to do. r) Do you like apple pie?
s) The huge dog bit many people. t) There is no reason to believe them
u) What do you know about my life?
Таблица 3
Чтение гласно-согласных буквосочетаний


[ ɛə ]

air, hair, pair, fair, chair, repair


[ iə ]

near, fear, hear, clear, dear, gear, rear

[ ɛə ]

bear, wear, pear

[ ə: ]

earn, earth, early, pearl


[ iə ]

deer, beer, steer, teer


[ auə ]

our, hour, sour

[ ɔː ]

pour, four, your


[ ɔː ]

alk, talk, walk, calk, malkin

[ ɔːl ]

all, tall, small, mall, pall, hall


[ tʃə ]

future, creature, nature, picture

Таблица 4


[ k ]

black, stick, block


[ ŋ ]

sing, bring, ring, reading


[ ∫ ]

she, shop, fish, wish, ship, shirt


[ f ]

phone, photograph, alphabet, geography


[ ð ]

this, that, the, those, mother, father, brother

[ θ ]

thank, thick, thin, thing, think


[ w ]

when, white, why, what

[ h ]

who, whose, whom


[ n ]

know, knife, knock, knee


[ r ]

write, wrong, wreck, wrestling


[ f ]

enough, laugh, rough

[ - ]

high, fight, thought, light, night


[ n ]

sign, gnostic


[ s ]

possible, cassette, class, lesson

[ ∫ ]



[ sk ]

screen, score, scooter, Scotland

[ s ]

scene, scenic, scent, scenery


[ ŋk ]

think, drink, blink, sink


[ t∫ ]

chess, children, teacher, rich, each, chief

[ k ]

chemistry, school, character, ache, stomach

[ ∫ ]

machine, champagne, moustache


[ t∫ ]

match, watch, switch


[ kw ]

question, quick, request, equal

Важное правило №2: с
перед e, i,y читается как «с», в остальных случаях – как «к»!
Важное правило №3: g перед e, i,y читается как «дж», в остальных случаях – как «г»!
 Упражнение 3. Прочитайте фразы, опираясь на изученные правила чтения гласно-согласных и согласных сочетаний
a) Mice like cheese. b) The children are at school now.
c) We met at dawn, right after midnight. d) My sister is a chemistry teacher.
e) Turn off the lights before leaving! g) Tonight is such a beautiful night.
h) Today sun is shining brightly. g) There is a sofa near the wall.
h) I know that you will never see the light again.
i) There is nothing, that can keep me on the ground.
j) I can see nice scenery behind the window. k) He is a person of good character.
l) They cannot get so deep into this. m) I have already left home.
n) She is out. Call back later. o) They don’t care about the future.
p) High blood pressure is a serious condition. q) I think, it’s too late.
r)  Just try to be yourself. s) Everything is going to be alright.
t) Have no fear of moving into the unknown.
Упражнение 4. Прочитайте слова, которые различаются одной буквой, но читаются совершенно по-разному. Попробуйтеобъяснить, почему.
 joke – jock                                           fine – fin
cure – curse                                          cut – cute
car – cat                                               pare – pane
sit – site                                               care – card
snack – snake                                      lap – lar
sure – surf                                            bid – bird
center – canter                                     gel – gol
Упражнение 5. Выберите слова, которые пишутся по-разному, но звучат одинаково (количество вариантов неограничено).
dear – deer – dare – dire
toc – toke – talk – took
pair – pare – par – pear
hear – here – hair – heer
our – hour – aura – are
head – had – add – hade

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