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Тест по английскому языку. 6 класс.

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Автор: Ахмадеева Анна Петровна

Задание: Выбери правильный глагол. Choose the right verb form.
  1. I ...  early in the morning every day.
a)      get up
b)      got up
c)      will get up
     2.  He ... a book now.
a)      reads
b)      is reading
c)      will read
     3.   She ... me this book tomorrow.
a)      gives
b)      will give
c)      gave

     4.  Where ... you yesterday?
a)      are
b)      been
c)      were
     5.  I ... there for a long time.
a)      was
b)      have been
c)      am
     6.  We ... to school every day.
a)      went
b)      have gone
c)      go

     7.  They ... chess now.
a)      play
b)      are playing
c)      played

     8.  You ... there at 7 o’clock tomorrow.
a)      are
b)      will be
c)      were
     9.  What ... you ... yesterday?
a)      are ... doing
b)      have ... done
c)      did .. do
     10. They  ... to see me tomorrow.
a)      will come
b)      shall come
c)      came
1  a
2  b
3  b
4  c
5  b
6  c
7  b
8  b
9  c
10  a