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Воспитательный час "Jobs"

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Автор: Абдуллина Гульчачак Динартовна

1) Способствовать формированию умения выражатьличное отношение к поставленной проблеме, аргументировать свою точку зрения к
выбранной профессии.
2) Развивать познавательный  интерес учащихся  к данной теме.  
3) Воспитывать  уважительное отношение  к иноязычной культуре. 
Оборудование:  проектор, компьютер, ролевые карточки, презентация.


I. Начало урока
1) Оргмомент
II. Центральная часть
1)  Сообщение темы воспитательного часа
I`d like you to guess thetheme of the lesson. You have cards with letters, the task for you is to make words and guess the theme of the lesson. Each pair has different word.
In a year you’ll finish school. I am sure that some of you have already chosen a future profession. The choice is very difficult. A good choice is good future. Today we’ll discuss the topic.
Lookat the pictures do you remember all the professions? (слайд 2,3)
Doctor,teacher, programmer, interpreter, beauty consulter, baber, a chemist, dentist,lawyer, designer, businessman, nurse and the others. Well, that`s enough  I think. I see you know a lot of kinds, sonow answer my questions.
Answer myquestions:
1. What do you want tobe in future?
2. What are your parents?
3. Do you know what your classmates want to be?
4. What professions are popular in our region?
5. Is it really necessary to study well to get a goodjob?
2) Активизацияновых фраз по теме
Now look at the screenplease and we will acquaint with the following phrases (слайд4):
Kinds of jobs: Good promotio nprospects, prestigious and well-paid, rewarding and interesting, intellectual, physical
Traits of character needed tobecome a professional: determination, enthusiasm, responsibility,intelligence, ambition
Necessary things for job:   goodeducation, knowledge, experience, skills, abilities, lucky chance, opportunities.
Look and say:
What kind ofjob would you like to have?
Howcan you become a well-qualified specialist?
3) Активизация лексики потеме: «Профессии».
Aswe know there are a lot of different kinds of job in the world. And each of them has it`s quality, requirement and specialty. So on the screen you see the names of jobs and qualities. The task for you is to choose the most important qualities for each job.  So first of allyou should recognize, how will you say: Дизайнер должен быть…. A designer should be creative, etc…
Rally Robin
Let`do this task in pairs. The pupil who has more colors in his coat will begin. You have a minute. (Ученики по очереди называютпрофессию и отвечают какими качестами он должен обладать)
Qualities:                                                 Jobs:
Well-educated                                           designer
Creative                                                  businessman
Negotiation skills                                      lawyer
Responsible                                             nurse
Able to cope with stress                             teacher
Able to take risks                                      singer
Computer literate
4) Jot Thoughts. Описание популярной профессии.
Do you begin thinking about your future job?
What do you think what professions are the most popular nowadays?
Now you should work in a group of four. Please, make a description of one of the
most popular job in your list. Don`t forget to tell about
place of work
hours of work(Ученик говорит одно описание и пишет на листочке и остальные делают так же)
Timed Pair Share
Now in a group read your descriptions and the 1st A write the most interesting
variants. You have a minute.
Mix Pair Share
Now look at the spidergram. You see there are some word combinations there.Choose one or more of them and make sentences. (слайд5) (Ставим музыку, ученики ходят по классу. Когда останавливаем музыку каждый ученик находит себе пару и говорим задание)
Now tell your pair your sentence. 
… depends on…
To get/ find…, one should….
…shouldn’t be…
A good job 
The next task for you is to guess the professions.
Учитель предлагает ребятам  послушать описание различных профессий, аученики должны правильно назвать профессию.
- A person who makes and sells medicine (a chemist)
- A person who mends or pulls out bad teeth.(a dentist)
- A person who does work to improve bad socialconditions and help people in need (a social worker)
- A person who can help people with the law or talk forthem in a court
(a lawyer)
So infuture when you`ll look for a job you should be interviewed. In order to do it
well you must prepare beforehand. On the screen you see the spreadsheet and
your task is to fill in the gap with your own background. Imagine that you can
get a job of your dream. Let`s begin (слайд7):
Applying for  
Available to start training  
III. Рефлексия
1) Подведение итогов
Well done!I want you to remember one very good saying: if you love your work you’ll never work a day in your life. It isvery important to make a right choice! Be very careful and mind your wishes and
abilities. And then your job will bring you satisfaction and joy.
The lesson is over. Good bye.
Новые слова:
Kinds of jobs: Good promotionprospects, prestigious and well-paid, rewarding and interesting, intellectual,
Traits of character needed tobecome a professional: determination, enthusiasm, responsibility,intelligence, ambition
Necessary things for job:   goodeducation, knowledge, experience, skills, abilities, lucky chance,
What a good chance! - Какая удача!
I don't know what to say! - У меня нет слов!
Alas! - Увы!
Really? - Действительно?
What a pity! - Как жаль!
I can't believe it! Невероятно!
I hope so. - Надеюсь, что это так.
I feel ill (sad, disgusted). - Мне плохо (грустно, противно).
I feel good. - Мне хорошо.
Vice versa! (Just the opposite!) - Наоборот!
Not a bit! (Nothing of the kind!) Ничего подобного!
That's nice (sound, all right, fine) (with me). - Все в порядке (хорошо).
No way! - Ни в коем случае!
With (great) pleasure. - С (огромным) удовольствием.
That's too much! - Это чересчур!
Wonderful! - Замечательно!
That's wonderful (superb, marvellous)!- Это прекрасно (великолепно, чудесно)!
Absolutely! - Безусловно!
Exactly so! - Именно так!
P  R O  F  E 
S  S  I 
O  N   F U T U R E
P R E S T I GI O U S   S K I L L S   S P E C I A L I S T   Q U A L I T Y 

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