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Контрольная работа по английскому языку за 7 класс (по учебнику Афанасьева, Михеева 7 класс, 3 -ий год обучения)

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Автор: Муравьёва Мария Геннадьевна

Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in 1889 in south London. His father died when he was a child, and the family didn’t have much money. Charlie first performed on the theatre stage at the age of five.
After he joined Frank Karno’s company, he went to the USA in 1914 and in his first year there he acted in 35 of Hollywood’s early films. These were “silent films”:  the actors couldn’t speak, but demonstrated their feelings in their faces and movements. Charlie Chaplin became one of the most famous actors in the world, and everyone knew and loved the roles he played: a man with a black hat, big shoes, a little moustache and unusual walk.
With other actors, Chaplin formed a film company and he started to make his own films. Later, after sound arrived, he began to talk on the screen and he wrote the music for one of his last films.  Most people still like his films today.
1. Say whether the following statements: TRUE (T) or FALSE (F):
1. Charlie Chaplin was born in the north of London.
2. His mother died when he was a child.
3. He played in 35 “sound films”.
4. He usually had a black hat, big shoes, a little moustache and unusual walk.
5. Many people didn’t like the roles he played.
6. Charlie Chaplin started his own theatre company.
2. Choose the appropriate answer.
1. You can see a lot of tourists in Trafalgar……..
a) spare b) square c)scare
2. Take bus № 15 and then go there by …….
a) underground b) undertown c)post office.
3. My sister …… a very nice man.
a) founded b) married  c) dreamed
4.  Jake helps her mother to …….. her old granny.
a) look after b) look at c) look back
5. I can’ t translate this text! It is too ….. !
a) different  b) difficult c) simple
6) I can ….the neighbour’s television.
a) feel b) hear c) speak
7) What a strong wind is …..!
a) burning b) bowling c)blowing
3. Choose the appropriate answer
1. Hollywood is situated in …. USA.
a) a    b) the  c) an   d) the
2. …….  Volga is a great Russian river.
a) the     b) a     c) an    d) –
3. Today is …… day of my whole life!
a) the most happy    b) the happiest  c) the most happiest  d) the best happy
4. What is ………. country in the world?
a) the most green   b) the greenest  c) the most greenest    d) the best greenest
5. This restaurant is …….. in our town.
a) the baddest   b) the most bad    c) the worst      d) the  more worst
6. My birthday is  on the (21) of May.
a) twenty-one  b) twenty-first  c) twenty-second
7. My  cousin Martha has 3  little………
a) childs   b) childes  c) children  d)childrens
6. Moscow is famous for its old …..
a)churchs    b) churches c) churchen  d)churches
7. Frank ……..  when Jack came home.
a) slept b) was sleeping  c) were sleeping  d) sleeps
8. We always …… the window when  it is cold.
a)closes   b)closed   c) close  d)was closing
9. She …… a very beautiful song right now! Listen!
a)was singing  b)is singing  c)am singing d)singed
10. Mr. Black ……. his old parents and smiled.
a)hugs   b)hugged     c) had hugged   d) were hugging

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