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Урок по английскому языку "Музыка в нашей жизни"

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Автор: Сунгатуллина Гульнур Равилевна

Цель: формирование коммуникативной компетенцииразвитие речевой деятельности через технологию критического мышления.
- совершенствовать умения и навыки практического владения английским языком по данной теме по разным видам речевой деятельности: говорению, чтению, аудированию и письму;
- учить выражать в устной монологической и диалогической речи различные виды оценки, сообщения, доказательства.
Познавательный аспект: познакомить учащихся с исследованиями о влиянии на людей классической музыки.
Развивающий аспект: учить работать самостоятельно, развивать критическое мышление.
Воспитательный аспект: воспитание уважительного, толерантного отношения к другой культуре, более глубокое осознание своей родной культуры.
Осознание значения  музыки в жизни человека.
1. Организационныймомент:
Teacher: Good morning, dear students and guests. I am glad to see you at our lesson. I hope we will have a good time and you will enjoy our lesson, because the topic of our talking is something, that makes our life more bright and interesting.
– What do you think of it?
Answers: P1. I can’t imagine my life without friends and my computer.
P2. As for me, books and music are very important, because they help me relax.
P3. I’m sure, music gives a light of pleasure and excitement, helps me overcome difficulties.
Teacher: Very good, students. I agree with you. Two of your favourite things music and computer are with you today.  They will make our lesson enjoyable. So our today’s topic is “Music in our life”.
2. Сообщение целей и задач урока:
Today we will speak about your favourite music styles, watch the video repeat the adjectives, work with presentations, sing the song, make cinquains about music.
3. Речеваязарядка
Teacher: Look at the board, please, and read the motto of our lesson (“Life without music would be a mistake”) Do you agree with this quotation?
P1: It goes without saying I do, because we can’t imagine our life without music.
P2: I think life without music would be boring!
P3: In my opinion, life without music isn’t interesting at all.
P4: Really, the life would be a mistake if we didn’t hear music, because music helps us in everyday life.
Teacher: You are right. But what is music? Specialists explain that music is not only a combination of pleasant sounds. It is an art, which reflects life. There are a lot of different kinds of music. Some of them appeared long ago, and some are modern. And what music styles do you know?
P1:Classical.              P6: Jazz.
P2: Pop.                     P7: Folk.
P3:Rock.                   P8: Rock’n’roll.
P4: Rap.                    P9: Country.
P5: Chamber.            P10: Punk.
4. Активизация лексики в речи «Интервью».
Teacher: There are different kinds of music, but tastes differ, you know. I want to know what music styles you prefer? For this task I asked … to be our class correspondent. Please come here… and ask your classmates about their favourite music styles.
(Один из учащихся выступает в роли корреспондента)
 _, what sort of music do you prefer? 
Student2:  I think pop music is the best style of music, because you can listen to it wherever you want and have good relaxation. It’s usually simple and doesn’t require deep thinking. Some of songs are cheerful, and some of them are lyrical. That’s why I am fond of pop music and often listen to it. 
Student1: What about you, _ ?
Student3: I think classical music is very nice because it is serious and emotional kind of music. Its useful influence on people’s organism was proved by scientists. I know, doctors recommend pregnant women to listen to classical music to strengthen their babies’ nervous system. Besides, listening to classical music means that you are an educated person. That’s why it’s important to listen to classical music and I often listen to it.
Student1: Now I`ll try to guess, _, you like jazz, don`t you?
Student4: No, I don`t.I think rap music is cool. It’s a rhythmic style of speaking. I like it because first of   all it’s the music of young people. It’s not easy to sing rap as it may seem. Not everyone can read the words so fast. The best rap singers are Afro-Americans, but there are some good European rap singers, too.
Student1: Is there anybody who is fond of folk?
I think folk music is worth listening to because it is based on old traditions and it reflects the lives and life problems of people. Historical events are often reflected  in folk songs. For example, listening to Tatar folk songs we can learn about Tatars’ way of life and their struggle for independence. That’s why it’s important to listen to folk music. It will help me to know more about the history, culture and traditions of my country.
 _, and what music do you listen to when you have free time?
Student5: As for me I prefer rock all the year round, because it can express all kinds of my mood.  With this music I feel strength and stability. Rock music, or, rather rock-n-roll, appeared in the 1950-s. The first rock music is connected with the names of Elvis Presly, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, The Doors and some others. 
Teacher: Thank you for the interview.
So, what are the results of your survey?
Student 3: Well, my classmates` musical interests are different. Some of them prefer dance music, rock and rap. The others are fond of hip-hop, soul and classical music. But pop music takes the first place. By the way, what music do you prefer, (обращается к учителю)?
Teacher: I like different kinds of music. It depends on my mood. After my hard working day I`d prefer listening to something calm and quite. When I`m full of energy sometimes I listen to rock. When I listen to music I forget the problems of everyday life.
5. Работасвидеофильмом.
Teacher: Different styles of music can be described by different emotional words. Do you remember them? Look at the board and read the adjectives:
Beautiful, touching, serious, cheerful,
relaxing, sad, simple, traditional, healing,
emotional, exciting, catchy, soothing,
pleasant, romantic, energetic, melancholic,
cool, passionate, breathtaking, great,
powerful, perfect, brilliant, sentimental, annoying.
Teacher: I think these adjectives will help you to describe to the song “Introducing Me” (by N. Jonas). 
So, I invite you to listen to the song “Introducing Me” (by N. Jonas). Watch the video and then try to describe the song.
(after video)
Teacher: I think you enjoyed this wonderful song, didn’t you?
P1: It goes without saying, I enjoyed it greatly.
P2: It made a deep impression on me.
P3: It enchanted me.
P4: Its sweet melody impressed us deeply.
Teacher: Now try to describe to the song using these adjectives.
I have the next question for you.  According to this video and in general how can music influence people? I think ex. 111 on page 40 will help you to answer.
Teacher: Thank you for your answers. I see you like music and now it is high time to check your homework, to watch your presentation. Who wants to be the first?
(Представление проектов по теме «Музыка»)
Teacher: You really did your best. Thank you very much for your excellent job. I liked your music projects . Doubtless, music plays a very important role in human`s life. It reflects our mood and emotions. Moreover, they say that music helps to study better and makes people more intelligent. Do you agree with this opinion?
The specific songs will depend on the student's age and current English level. Using songs to study English improves memory and pronunciation, and makes learning more fun. I think the easiest and the cheapest way to improve English language is to go to a website with the words of favorite English songs and copy the words to the song. Listen to how the singers pronounce the words, and then try to sing or say the words at the same. People like using English songs to practice English skill because it's easy and enjoy.
6. Аудирование
Teacher: I completely agree with you.  I know, English songs help improve your English. Now I will give you sheets of papers with the song «Teenager in love». Listen and complete the song.  First of all read the song.
Teenager in love
Each time we …… a quarrel
It almost breaks my …… ,
‘Cos I …… so afraid
That we might have …… part.

Each night I …… the stars up above
Why …… I be a teenager in love?
One day I feel so …… ,
Next …… I feel so sad.
I guess I’ll learn …… take
The good with the …… .
I cried a tear for nobody but ……
I’ll …... the lonely one if you should say we’re through.
Well, if you …... to make me cry
That …... be so hard to do
And if you should say …...
I’ll still go on loving …… .
(have, heart, am, to, ask, must;
happy, day, to, bad, you, be;
want, won’t, goodbye, you)
Teenager in love
Each time we have a quarrel
It almost breaks my heart,
‘Cos I am so afraid
That we might have to part.
Each night I ask the stars up above
Why must I be a teenager in love?
One day I feel so happy,
Next day I feel so sad.
I guess I’ll learn to take
The good with the bad.
I cried a tear for nobody but you
I’ll be the lonely one if you should say we’re through.
Well, if you want to make me cry
That won’t be so hard to do
And if you should say goodbye
I’ll still go on loving you.
  1. Listening.
  2. Reading missing words.
  3. Sing the song all together.
Teacher: Thank you very much dear students, your chore was excellent.
6. Домашнеезадание.
Teacher: Take these sheets of paper at home and describe the song. Use the adjectives, say about style and how this song influenced you. It will be your homework.
Teacher: Our lesson is nearly over and we have little time for reflection. We have discussed much today. I wonder what feelings and thoughts you`ve got now. Please, express your opinion in your cinquain poetry. You know its structure.
Cinquain poetry:
1 word (a subject or a noun)
2 words (adjectives) that describe the first word
3 words (action verbs) that relate to the first word
4 words (feelings or a complete sentence) that relate to the first word
1 word (a synonym of the first word or a word that sums it up)
Here is the example:      
fantastic, romantic,
reflects, inspires, enriches,
It wakes me in the morning
Teacher: Work three-four minutes and then present your poem, please.
Well done!
8.  Итоги урока
Teacher: What have you got acquainted with during today’s lesson ?
During today’s lesson got acquainted with…
I have:  found out that…                
Teacher: So my dear students, today you have had a good opportunity to express your attitude to music. You were creative at the lesson. I liked your music projects and I am going to put you excellent marks. You really did your best. I`d like to say that I am really happy to have such good pupils! Thank you very much for your excellent job! Maybe you have some questions.  Our lesson is over. Good luck! And good-bye!

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