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План-конспект открытого урока по английскому языку в 7 классе на тему "Школьная жизнь"

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Автор: Баширова Гульназ Рауфовна

Цель: закрепление лексики и речевых образцов в речи учащихся.
Основные задачи:
О: - активизация лексики и РО по теме «Школьная жизнь»;
Р: - развивать навыки аудирования, при помощи просмотра видеофильма, обсуждение увиденного фильма о частной школе,  формирование навыков устной и письменной речи с применением выражений и лексики об идеальной школе;
В: - вежливость в общении друг с другом, взаимное сотрудничество
Оборудование: УМК «Enjoy English» 7 класс М. З. Биболетова, картинки учебника, видеоприложение, презентация, ватман, маркеры, индивидуальные карточки.
Ход урока
I. Организационный  момент.
- Goo morning students. I’m very glad to see you.
II. Речеваязарядка
And before we start, tell me please, how are you today?
Are you OK! Are you fine! Oh, you look very pretty today. You have a nice pencil case.
Wonderful. Well I see that all of you are in good mood. I am also in great mood.
III. Активизация лексики и речевых образцов по теме « Школа»
1. Развитиенавыковустнойречи.
- Well, school days are the happiest days as grown-ups say, I wonder, do you like to go to school, Why? Why not? You can use this expressions if you like.
(слайд 2)
P1. I like to go to school because I want to get smarter, learn new things, make new friends.
P2. Sometimes I don’t like school because I have no time for my hobby.
- Well, I see that most of you like attending school.
2.Развитие навыков диалогической речи
By the way , How do you imagine an ideal school? What is an ideal school for you?
Share your ideas using the structure Rally Robin. Work in pairs. Student A  tells  his idea about perfect school. Then student B informs about his idea. You may speak about breaks, tests, disciple etc. Time is not limited. Let’s start with the student A. Ответы учащихся
No school uniform.                           
Long breaks
No tests                                              
No school uniform
Discipline is strict.                            
Don’t study on Saturdays.
Teachers are helpful and understanding.                      
Students are polite and hardworking.
Have own radio and newspaper.
What has your partner suggested?
What has Liliya said?
Great! Wonderful!
3. What subjects do you have on your timetable? Which of them do you enjoy studing?
I like Maths because …
I enjoy learning …
I prefer PE to Art.
4. Развитиенавыковаудирования.
We have so many interesting subjects at school.
T:Let’s find out. What kind of education is in Great Britain? What  do they do on their lessons? Now we will be very busy working on Air Guide structure.
1/Please, take your papers which are on your desks.
2/Read the statements about education in Britain.
3/On the right column tick + if you agree with the following and - if you disagree.
1. The school day starts at 9 o’clock.
2. They don’t wear a school uniform.
3. During the breaks students revise homework, play chess.
4. Usually they eat soup  for lunch.
5. The school day ends at 2 p.m.
4/You may start. I’ll give you 1 minute.
5/Thank you. Time is out. Put aside your notes.
6/Now we’ll watch a video about one of  school days  of a british student.
You should watch attentively paying attention to details.
7. Take your notes. Read the statements again. Tick + or – on the spare column after watching the video. I’ll give you 1 minute.
8. You may start.
9. OK. The next step is you need compare your opinion before and after watching the video. What points have changed and which of them remain the same. Please, look through.
10. Now Single Round Robin Please share your experience with your teammates. The student №1 starts.
Table №2 Student №4 tell me please have you changed your opinion about any of this statements after watching the video?
Динамическаяпауза Follow the leader.
Let’a have a rest and dance. Stand up please. Each student has a chance to lead his team on a certain music. Try to be creative, artistic and musical. Ok?
5. Развитиенавыковмонологической речи.
You were so nice! Brilliant student students.
OK. The next step is called Numbered Heads Together.
1.  Students №1rise your hands , please. Students №2, №3,№4
2. I’ ve got questions for you. These questions are on your papers. Table №1 will explain us about Great Britain. Table №2 about  Tatarstan.
3. The questions are :
1. How do students get to school?
2. What types of schools in Great Britain do you know?
What is the difference between private and state schools?
3. You have 1 minute to think over your answers.
4. Please, write down your answer on these papers.
5. Now , please stand up. Make a circle. And share your ideas. Define the correct answer.
6. Please, sit down.
7. I want students number 2 come to the blackboard and give your answers.
Well, did you like their answers. A storm of applauds. 
We have spoken much about schools today. You have noticed some different  and common things  between schools.
IV. Итоги урока.
You were so kind, brilliant and nice students. I want one of your wishes about perfect school come true and treat you with a chocolate. Thank you very much.
Рефлексия.  Before leaving the class. Fill the ticket please. Complete the missing words and word combinations in the sentences.
The lesson is over. Good bye.

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